Autumn Winter '13 Beauty Trends

After yesterday's photo heavy post, I thought I'd write a bit more of a chatty one today. Today I'm going to chat about some of ...

After yesterday's photo heavy post, I thought I'd write a bit more of a chatty one today. Today I'm going to chat about some of the beauty trends for the coming seasons and new product releases which co-inside with these.

I'm so excited for Autumn and Winter, they're definitely my favourite seasons. They are jam packed full of festivities such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and most importantly my BIRTHDAY. Naturally I get just as excited about the beauty trends for these months, and love trying them out at all these occasions. 

Big, Bold Brows

I personally love the look of fairly big bold brows, and I think they look great in the colder months. I tend to find that I wear more makeup in general as soon as it gets chilly so bolder brows don't look out of place. Maybelline has recently released a new brow mascara, which tints, shapes and holds your eyebrows all in one! You can find it here for £4.99, which I think is pretty reasonable for Cara-esque brows. 

Stained Dark Lips

As per usual the dark berry lips are on trend this Winter, however, this year, there's a slightly different take on the trend; models were seen with stained matte lips. The idea is for it to look like you haven't just spent 15 minutes applying lipstick but you've actually just eaten one too many blackberries, or had a glass of red wine (cheeky). I'm a massive fan of the Topshop lips range, as mentioned in this post and this season they have some new shades out, including this beaut which I think would look great just dabbed onto the lips to get this matte look. 

Matte Nails

Now this is a trend I'm really looking forward to... Although I do love a good shiny topcoat (Seche Vite if you were wondering) I've been using Matte nail topcoats for a couple of years now, as I think it just looks really unique, but also understated. However, the matte topcoat I use dramatically reduces the wear of my nail polishes and leaves me a little annoyed. Now this is where I start to get excited, Barry M is releasing 5 matte nail polishes, all in beauitfully autumnal colours on the 23rd of September. The Sunday Girl has done some fantastic swatches here. I particularly like the way the black shade resembles leather; it ties in so nicely with the grungy trend this A/W. 

Now I'm not going to ramble on any further, but I seriously suggest you check out those new products once they hit the shelves. I might try some of these trends and products and post about them at a later date if anyone is interested!

What beauty trends are you looking forward to? Do you love this time of year as well? 

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