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So I thought I'd continue on with my Top 5 feature, but with something a little different this week. I thought it would be nice to let y...

So I thought I'd continue on with my Top 5 feature, but with something a little different this week. I thought it would be nice to let you in on the five things that I've been loving most this week, including food, websites, makeup... basically a little bit of everything!


I have been loving Pinterest more than normal this week. I've been mainly looking for some Hairspiration, pictured above, but I've also been trawling through vast amounts of home decor and craft posts... Is this a sign I'm getting old?! I've been searching for some crafts that I can do to try and make the flat look more cosy for Autumn, and I'm already planning some DIY Christmas Decorations.


Now if you couldn't tell, I'm really excited about the colder weather thats coming around. I love summer, don't get me wrong, but autumn is always welcomed by me. I love wearing coats, snuggly jumpers, drinking hot drinks (especially pumpkin spice lattes), bonfire night and most importantly toffee  apples. This week I've brought all my coats and boots out  and I'm loving how it feels like I've been shopping when I haven't spent a penny! Today me and boyf are going to go for a walk around the Botanical gardens so I can wear my boots and coats and soak up some of the autumn atmosphere.

White Nails

I've seen this look on a few bloggers lately, including the lovely Alix and really wanted to try it out for myself. That's when I remembered that I had bought Topshop Nail Polish in Spilled Milk about six months ago so I tried it out. It's safe to say that I love it. I really like how it looks with my slightly tanned skin (although it looks freakishly pink above) and think it would look great with darker skins. I can't find this shade on the Topshop website, but Alix was sporting a Sinful Colours shade on her nails, and those polishes are only £1.99, so maybe thats a better option anyway!

Being Home

After being away for almost a month, I'm really enjoying being back home. Even though I've only lived in this flat for a few months, I do really see it as home. I'd almost forgotten how nice it is, and having time away has made me appreciate how good it is to be back. That, along with all my Pinteresting (is that a word?) has got me really excited for finally finishing off the flat. Although most of the decorating has been done, there's a few tweaks I would like to make, and I'm so excited for them. On top of this, after eating out for every meal while we were away, cooking and eating in is really appealing. We've had some lovely food this week, including homemade turkey burgers and prawn risotto... Yum!


Now, this one basically coincides with everything else I have been loving this month. I've been really enjoying burning some candles in the evening. It makes the flat smell amazing, feel really wintery and adds such a cosy look to every room. My absolute favourite has to be the Yankee Candle in Kitchen Spice. It's so so good. Its notes are cinnamon (my favourite), cloves, orange and ginger. Basically Winter in a nutshell. I have to physically stop myself from just burning it 24/7,  I'm already running low!

So here are my Top 5 picks for this week! What have you been loving recently? Is anyone else a Pinterest addict?

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