Topshop Lips Review and Swatches

I've been delving into Topshop makeup since it was first released in 2010 and I heard whisperings that it was created by the same people...

I've been delving into Topshop makeup since it was first released in 2010 and I heard whisperings that it was created by the same people that produce MAC makeup, but with a smaller price tag; it certainly got me excited. Although I've tried numerous products in the range, it's Topshop lip offerings that take my fancy the most, and that I shall be reviewing today.

First up, my first purchase that got the ball (namely my obsession) rolling...

Topshop Lips in Whimsical

Topshop call this a pinky nude, but it sways more towards a bright peach shade on my skin tone. It's easy to apply and offers a slightly matte finish provides a good two to three hours of colour before wearing off completely. I normally apply it straight to my lips but those with drier lips would certainly need to apply a balm underneath, but once the lipstick is on its not uncomfortable or tacky like some matte lips can be.

Perfect Pairings: Smokey Eye and a Tan.

Next up is Macaroon, a warm toned pink with a slightly glossier finish compared to Whimsical.

It requires a good few swipes across the lips to build up the pigmentation and as it is more sheer and glossier it wears off at the first sign of food or drink. However, despite it's issues with longevity, it's more moisturising finish would suit those with dry lips and it is one that I reach for for a low maintenance moisturising lip.

Perfect Pairings: A Bronze Makeup look and a Sundress.

Keeping in a similar colour family comes Brighton Rock, a bright fuchsia that's a near dupe for MAC's Girl About Town.

Brighton Rock offers a similarly matte finish to Whimsical but with a longer wear time. I find Brighton Rock to be the perfect night out lipstick as it's so bold and lasts most of the night... well, up until the kebab at the end... It's also super pigmented which makes it easy to apply in just one swipe. It can be slightly drying but that's a small price to pay for the longevity it offers.

Perfect Pairings: Disco Pants and a Gin and Tonic... or Two.

Finally, a completely different shade - Beguiled.

Beguiled is a dark berry colour that looks intimidating in the bullet, but either tapped on for a subtle look or fully applied, it is surprisingly easy to pull off. It's the perfect shade for either a night out, or a cold autumn day, and would be a great look for Christmas parties. Its wear time is pretty good, similar to Brighton Rock's, but this means its probably the most drying of the formulas. However, the impact the shade has and the way it looks more than make up for this.

Perfect Pairings: Minimal Makeup and a Wooly Scarf.

Have you tried any of the Topshop lipsticks? Any you would recommend to be part of my ever-growing collection? Let me know!

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