Top 5: Summer Nail Polishes

So I thought I'd introduce a new series onto the blog, my Top 5's and today I'm bringing you my Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes. Na...

So I thought I'd introduce a new series onto the blog, my Top 5's and today I'm bringing you my Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes. Nail Polishes are a big love of mine, and whatever is covering my talons is sure to be seasonal. I'm all about pastels in the spring, brights in the summer and dark colours in the winter. So here are my top bright summer picks...

Topshop Nails in Venus Fly Trap
I bought this nail polish on a whim after seeing Jessie J on the voice sporting a similar colour. Although I love pastel greens, like Mint Candy Apple (more on that later), this bright vivid green is great for summer. It isn't for the faint hearted and certainly packs a punch. The formula is pretty good, lasting a few days without chipping, but it does need three coats or so to become opaque.

Rimmel Salon Pro in Hip Hop
I decided to purchase this polish after releasing I didn't actually have a really nice quality red nail polish, and it certainly fits this bill. It lasts at least 4 days without chipping and just needs one thick coat to become opaque. I've often worn it without a topcoat as the finish is so shiny as you can tell from the pictures below. It's certainly one that I see myself wearing a lot. It also looks great paired with Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Muse, following on from matching my lips to my nails I mentioned here.

Essie Polishes in Go Ginza and Mint Candy Apple
These two are certainly some of my favourite spring nail colours, however, they nudged their way in my summer Top 5, due to the way they look with a tan. Tanned skin looks great with these pastels, as it really contrasts against the white tones of the polishes. I tend to throw on an extra coat of both these polishes in the summer just to make them pop even more. The formula is good as with all Essie's, it lasts a few days before chipping and applies very creamily.

H&M Nail Polish in Blue My Mind
Now this is a polish which I wear for the colour alone. The formula is rather crappy to say the least, but... the colour is sensational. Its such a bright vivid blue but is dark enough that it doesn't look neon. It also looks great with a tan and is a perfect colour for a beach holiday (as long as you can be bothered with the maintenance). It's supposedly a great dupe for Nails Inc. Baker Street, but is a mere smidgen of the price at £2.99. Oh yeah.. Did I mention it's only £2.99? I don't know about you but I'm quite happy to spend that on a amazing colour with a poor formula.

 What Nail Polish shades have you been loving for Summer? Do you put your Nail polishes into seasonal categories?

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